My 20 Year Dental Journey

Neela Patel D.D.S. is a Houston Heights Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, offers comprehensive dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Veneers, Root Canal, Implants, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Crowns & TMJ


Family to if they couldn't see him and I would. So what I took from that was I want to be that person, the rest of my practice. I want to be who other dentists would refer their family too. So I moved back to Houston in 1999 because I'm married and my husband's business was growing like cats and dogs out here by word of mouth, which we all know is the best type of referral. So I decided this was a time to hang up my shingle and be on my own. So I purchased a practice from a Houston dentist, somebody who'd been in the heights since 1958. So my practice has actually been around since 1958. From that practice, I gained a lot of great patients, awesome patients. I still have some of them if you can believe that, but I also gained some antique dental equipment.

Okay. So what I quickly learned was that I needed to evolve and change and revamp my practice. And that's been something that I've had to do since the get go, because dentistry, like many other industries that we have in this room is growing by leaps and bounds.

Not only are we finding a huge connection between dental health and your overall health, which is amazing stuff that I'm going to be delving more into for the next part of my career. But also with the, I think I've shown you guys some of the computer generated treatment planning and surgical guides. Everything that we do now involves a computer, could not do dentistry without a computer at all. Along this path what I've learned about myself is that learning is one of my passions and learning about dentistry, I mean I'm excited about dentistry. 25 years later and I'm still excited.

So what my daddy taught me a long time ago was that, if you want to be a master, you got to hang out with the people you want to be. So I have surrounded myself with dentists from the Pankey Institute. I've done a lot of postgraduate dental studies at the Pankey Institute, which is where a lot of dentists go for it. I mean it's an elite place, world renowned and also the Spear Education center. Things like this have allowed me to become a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. I think I shared that with you guys a few years ago and I'm on my track now to get my master's in the Academy of General Dentistry. Basically it means I take a lot of continued education and I love it.

So this is me and my team 20 years later and we're still excited. We're still looking forward to the next developments in our practice. One of those things I launched this year, as part of our 20 year celebration is our new logo, Houston Heights Dentistry. I talked about this with you guys. Part of that we have also gotten a new tag line, 'Taking your smile to new heights.' And you can see that on the cards. And thanks to Roland, thanks to Patrick, thanks to August, I can show you my beautiful office. Just this gorgeous lobby site, it's kind of difficult to see back there. Beautiful pink color, and my office. Oh look at these gorgeous pictures. It makes me want to go to work everyday!

So basically to end up what I want to say is that I am ready to learn more and more about dentistry. Really my next goal is to bring more overall health into the dental practice and help patients not just with their dental health, but their overall health. I'm still in uncharted waters, though, but one thing I've learned is that I'm having fun along the way. I'm always ready to catch the next big one to take my patient care to new heights.