What is Sedation Dentistry

Listen to our Houston Heights Cosmetic Dentist talk about Sedation Dentistry!!!!


Hi, my name is Dr. Neela Patel, and one of the questions that I get asked a lot is, what is sedation dentistry and who is it for? Sedation dentistry is a great tool that we can use in dentistry to help anxious patients have necessary treatment done without the anxiety. There are several different types of, or levels of sedation dentistry. The first is we can always use laughing gas. Laughing gas helps relax the patient, helps alleviate some of the fears or anxiety, and allows the dentist to have the work done while the patient is relaxed. There's also some oral sedation, where a driver has to come with the patient, but the patient takes a pill in the office. The dentist is monitoring the patient and they essentially get very sleepy. It's a little bit moderate sedation, and the dentist again, is allowed to get the work done.

The patient is almost asleep, and very relaxed, and when they get up, the work is done, and they're allowed to leave the office under the care of someone else. We have another level of sedation for extreme anxiety patients, in which the patient is actually sedated with an IV. Usually an anesthesiologist is in the office also, and it's just like having another surgical procedure done. You are actually asleep, but being fully monitored by the anesthesiologists while the procedures are being done here in the dental office, and when you wake up, the work is done and you're allowed to go home and rest.