Why our #Houston #Dental Family members are #smiling

Please watch another reason why our #dental patients are smiling!!!


Interviewer: Okay, Mr. Miller, how did you find out about Dr. Neela Patel's office?

Mr. Miller: Well, I found out about Dr. Patel because I was her first mailman over at her other place of business up at 1919 North Loop West.

Interviewer: What made you choose her practice?

Mr. Miller: Well, she kept coming to get her mail, and she kept asking me when was the last time I went to the dentist. I was one of those people who would not normally go to the dentist. I said, "Let me try her." The first time I went, I was sold on her.

Interviewer: You're pleased with her?

Mr. Miller: I'm more than pleased.

Interviewer: Awesome. Would you recommend her to your friends and family?

Mr. Miller: I would recommend anybody and everybody that I encounter.

Interviewer: Well, great. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Mr. Miller: Okay.