See why our #dental patients are #Happy

See why this #dental patient is #smiling


Hi. My name is Darren Thompson, a patient of Dr. Patel's. I've been coming to her since I moved to Houston in 2008. She's been great. I travel internationally for work a lot, and they always accommodate my schedule and fit me in when they can.

It was about a year and a half ago, they noticed I had some clenching going on at night. They saw some damage in one of my teeth and.. or a few of my teeth. She put together a program where I had a night guard, a splint. As we worked on that, my jaw kind of came back into a natural alignment, my muscles relaxed to a point where everything felt much more natural, but I started having trouble with eating sandwiches and getting efficiency in performance out of my bite. Through that, she continued working with the splint and we fine-tuned that alignment and did a bite adjustment and really made a believer out of the whole hanky philosophy of how the muscles impact your bite. Since she's gone through that, I've been much more comfortable, more relaxed. I don't have trouble eating sandwiches anymore. It's been a really wonderful experience. It made me a believer out of how all of this is intertwined and connected.