2013 Holiday Giveaway Winners #Houston #Heights #Dentists

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Speaker 1: Thank you for participating in our Christmas 2013 Christmas giveaway. Leaving your kind reviews over the internet has really given us a warmth in our heart. Dr. Patel, do you want to announce the winner of the Kindle Fire?

Doctor Patel: Sure. Let me shake them up. Woo. Hey. And it's Teresa C.

Group: Yay! Well done.

Speaker 1: We're so excited for you! Wonderful!. Okay, now we have second, third and fourth runner up. The second runner up is going to be a Flemmings gift card to go out for a nice dinner. Doctor Patel, do you want to announce the winner?

Doctor Patel: Shake them again. Lori O.

Group: Yay, Lori! Woo.

Speaker 1: We hope you enjoy your steak dinner. Okay. Third and fourth runner up, they're gonna get a gift certificate to Smash Burger. Doctor Patel, would you like to announce the winners?

Doctor Patel: I'm gonna pull out two. Uh oh. Debbie R. and Mario W.

Group: Whoo! Yay!

Speaker 1: We will be in contact with you today. Thank you for very much for participating in our review contest for 2013. Have a happy holiday season.

Group: Merry Christmas!

Speaker 4: Love you!