Why do I need a #dental #crown?

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Hi. My name is Dr. Neela Patel, and one of the questions that I get asked a lot is, "Doc, why do I need a crown?" The answer is we recommend crowns whenever there is less tooth structure there to support the biting forces of your tooth. It could be that there's not enough enamel, or not enough tooth structure visible, and the tooth is filled with a huge filling, and there's not much support on that tooth that for chewing pressure. It could also be that part of the tooth is already fractured, and when one of those cus-tips that are very important in chewing is missing, then a crown gives back the strength of the tooth. It gets you chewing strength and stability. We want to make sure we're doing everything to stabilize that tooth so it can be with you for your lifetime, rather than allowing it to break and fracture further, and then having to have it taken out, possibly having to have an implant, or a bridge, or more extensive costly procedures done.