What is Comprehensive #Dentistry?

Neela Patel D.D.S. is a Houston Heights Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, offers comprehensive dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Veneers, Root Canal, Implants, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Crowns & TMJ


Hi, my name is Dr. Neela Patel. One of the questions I get asked by patients a lot is, "What is comprehensive care dentistry?" That's a great question. Comprehensive care dentistry is not just looking at one tooth at a time, or looking at all the teeth to see what the problems are right now in your mouth. Of course, we want to address any infections and any issues that are occurring right now in your mouth, but comprehensive dentistry actually means that we will take a more lifelong approach to your dental care. What comprehensive care dentists would like to do is to make sure that you have a lifelong span of good dental health. Some of those clues may be in your mouth right now. It's very important that when you choose your dentist, you choose one that has a more comprehensive or a long-term approach to your dental health.