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Hi. My name is Dr. Neela Patel, and one of the questions that I get frequently asked is, "Will this hurt?" The hurting, or any pain or discomfort that is associated with a dental procedure, varies depending on the procedure itself. Of course, the dentist is going to minimize any pain or anxiety for you with sedation, and numbing the area profoundly, so that the patient feels minimal or no pain. After the procedure, there will be some different protocols that the dentist will go over with you on how to minimize any discomfort.

Just like with any other surgical procedure, there's protocols that we will ask you to follow. The dentist may recommend Advil, or ibuprofen, or Tylenol if you're allergic to Advil. Also warm salt water rinses, use of vitamin E gel in the area to help remove any discomfort on the gums, and to help the gums heal. Also, what you eat and drink is very important. Staying away from acidic foods, but also getting the vitamin C is important. Staying away from spicy and hot foods, and sharp foods may also being important, so there are a variety of ways that the dentist will help you with any discomfort that you may have.