Houston Heights #Dental Review

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Janet: Hi, this is Janet with Texas Center of Dental Excellence. Hi, what is your name, sir?

David Smith: My name is David Smith.

Janet: Where do you live?

David Smith: I live in the Heights.

Janet: What is your profession?

David Smith: My profession is professional student at this particular moment. I've gone back to school to work up towards a Master's Degree.

Janet: Wonderful. What has been your experience in Dr. Patel's practice.

David Smith: My experience in Dr. Patel's practice has been dental excellence. To sum it up, I was scared of the dentist. I went routinely, but I didn't have a dentist I really ever truly liked. I really had anxiety, high anxiety, going to a dentist before I met Dr. Patel and that stuff is gone. Not all of it, but it's gone. She's a wonderful dentist, and her staff is just as caring as she is.

Janet: Wonderful. How did you find out about our office?

David Smith: I was recommended by a mutual friend of ours, Dr. Kasia Lindhorst and I haven't looked back.

Janet: What is it that you find different about this office?

David Smith: I find different about this office is, as I stated a little earlier, it's just the staff and Dr. Patel herself, but the staff also makes it up. I mean, the doctor can have all the bedside manner they want, but if you come in and your front desk isn't cheery and smiling like y'all always are, then it doesn't help the experience. So, coming into an office where people greet you and it's not just the front desk greeting you, you get, "Hi, David," from everybody in the background. It makes you feel a lot better and more relaxed.

Janet: Wonderful. Would you recommend us to your family and friends?

David Smith: Highly. As a matter of fact I do quite often.

Janet: Thank you.

David Smith: So, I believe you have a patient here by the name of Colleen Telfest. I know that she is our neighbor and we recommended her. I'm fairly sure Kasia did the same thing, but yes, always.

Janet: Thank you, thank you very much.