"Fixing potholes" in Houston with Dr. Neela Patel

When Houston’s new mayor Sylvester Turner vowed to fix all the potholes on the city streets of Houston, Texas, it triggered a thought in me. As a dentist for over 21 years, I have been calling the worn-off tips of pointed cusps on teeth “potholes”.


Speaker 1: Houston, we have a problem. I see a pothole. Do you see it?

Speaker 2: Yes, call 311!

Speaker 1: No, call Texas Center of Dental Excellence!

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Dr. Patel: Look at that pothole. I may not be the mayor, my I am Dr. Neela Patel from Texas Center of Dental Excellence and I can fix that pothole.

Dr. Patel: Houstonians, I solemnly swear to fix every pothole in your mouth. Whether it be form acid erosion, clenching and grinding, or a misaligned bite. I will get to the root of the problem and solve the reason that this has happened.

Speaker 4: Houston, you can get those potholes fixed. Call Texas Center of Dental Excellence, 713-861-7216. We're waiting for your call.