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For many of our Houston Heights Dentistry patients, local anesthetics may not be sufficient to ease their anxieties or reassure them that their dental procedure will be manageable. Dr. Neela Patel offers the oral-conscious sedation approach to numerous dental procedures. Without going unconscious, oral-conscious sedation (also known as twilight sedation) allows patients to go into a relaxed state during the entirety of their procedure. It is  combined with local anesthesia to ensure that patients feel more relaxed with no likely physical discomfort. It has shown to be successful in providing patients with a more positive and comfortable experience during dental services. 

Oral-Conscious Sedation - Best Candidates

You are not a candidate for oral-conscious sedation if you have issues breathing through your nose, you are pregnant, have the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), abuse drugs, take many depressant medications, or have a full stomach. Otherwise, it’s likely that oral-conscious sedation may be just what you need to ease your anxiety. Furthermore, if your procedure is complicated or extensive, oral-conscious sedation may be required, anyway. It’s helpful since patients react in all sorts of negative ways to the sights and sounds of dental procedures such as tooth fillings, wisdom teeth removal, periodontal treatments, and more. Oral-conscious sedation can be an ideal fit for our anxious dental patients.

Oral-Conscious Sedation - What To Expect

There are several types of sedation that you can expect to discuss or consider. The type recommended by Dr. Patel will depend on you, your amount of anxiety, your physical health, and the type of work needed. With light oral-conscious sedation, you will remain relaxed but still be awake and alert. With moderate sedation, you will also stay conscious, but your memory of what happened will start to get a bit spotty. You will still be able to talk to Dr. Patel, but you might also feel foggy and sleepy. You may even doze off, but you'll easily be aroused and wake up. Deep sedation does not normally classify as conscious sedation since it can render you unconscious and you don’t normally wake up until the sedative wears off or is reversed, both of which take longer. You will need to arrange for someone to take you home. You will not be able to drive a vehicle until the next day when you have slept off the medication.

Oral-Conscious Sedation - Follow-Up

Recovery will depend on the kind of sedation administered during the procedure and your own physical makeup. But the recovery from light inhalation sedation such as nitrous oxide is very fast. When it’s over, the "laughing gas" wears off with a few minutes of 100% oxygen, leaving you with no side effects. The recovery from light to moderate oral sedation again depends on the amount used. But if you took a pill before and felt sleepy and groggy during the procedure, recovery is going to take longer and you will be required to have someone present in the office to drive you home. If you received IV sedation by a dental anesthesiologist at a moderate level where the sedatives were delivered intravenously, you will also need someone to take you home. In the vast majority of cases, no lingering side effects are present for any of these levels.

Oral-Conscious Sedation - Insurance Coverage

The coverage provided will be dependent on your insurance provider and your current policy. We will review your policy before your treatment is rendered to evaluate how much of the cost will be covered. We will also discuss any additional costs and payment options at a prior visit so you are fully aware of all options. 

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To ensure your health and safety, sedatives should only be administered by dental professionals with appropriate experience and training, such as Dr. Patel. As always, she will consider you as a whole individual and only recommend a sedation that is best for you. Call for a consultation, and our highly trained staff will be there from your first questions all the way through to your last follow-up. Oral-conscious sedation at Houston Heights Dentistry is something that you, our most important patient, may want to try to make it easier to get the dental work you need.   

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