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Full Mouth Restoration - Overview

A full mouth restoration is sometimes needed as a result of an accident, but more often,  middle-aged patients who have suffered loss of multiple teeth, or, have chipped their teeth due to grinding, or have uneven wear, decide they want to have it done to "start fresh" with a beautiful and healthy new smile. Full mouth restoration usually incorporates restorative, implant, and cosmetic dentistry elements to effectively make it happen. Dr. Patel has done many of these procedures that typically affect all the teeth in the mouth.  It's a large investment, but it's impact on your everyday life can be huge.


Every tooth in your mouth usually ends up with something done to improve its health or appearance, and the process typically takes several weeks and several appointments. The first step is to get every tooth needing repair that can be saved restored to health. Making sure the health of your gums is optimized also occurs. Any missing teeth are either replaced with implants or bridges, while the remainder of the teeth are whitened or covered with new crowns.

Full Mouth Restoration - More Information

Getting your "bite" correct is also important in making sure your completely new smile functions well and lasts a long time. Dr. Patel is an expert in correcting and optimizing your dental occlusion (your bite), with hundreds of hours of advanced training and experience.

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Full Mouth Restoration - Insurance

The costs of an extensive treatment like a full mouth restoration or reconstruction means a very tiny percentage of total cost will be paid by your insurance company. Essentially, whatever portion of your annual maximum not already spent will be used.  One good strategy therefore is to begin treatment in December and much of it will be done the following plan year. You can then apply two years worth of dental benefits toward the total cost.

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Having a full mouth reconstruction done is a major decision and investment. Dr. Patel is a multiple year winner of the Top Dentist designation by H-Texas magazine as one of the best for this type of procedure. Call us today for a consultation!

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