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About Dental Exams

At Houston Heights Dentistry, Dr. Neela Patel recommends that patients receive dental examinations at least twice a year. This is done to help detect and prevent oral diseases from progressing further.  During the exam, Dr. Patel always asks the patients if they have any areas of concerns or if they are currently experiencing any oral pain or discomfort. The patient will have digital x-rays taken at least once a year in order to determine any areas of concern.  Dr. Patel will check all areas of the mouth to decide if any treatments or procedures are recommended to prevent a problem from becoming worse or to repair an existing issue. She will also check for any signs of oral cancer. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the patient is receiving the best possible treatment options at our office in Houston Heights, TX, and by doing so we can help you achieve restored and enhanced oral health now and for the future.

Dental Exams - What to Expect

A thorough dental examination will start with a conversation between Dr. Patel and the patient. She will ask about the patient's recent health, including any current medications, illnesses, and surgeries. She will also ask the patient if they have noticed any changes or have any areas of concern. To get a complete picture of the patient's mouth, Dr. Patel will begin by reviewing the digital x-rays to check the health of the teeth and jaw bones.  Dr. Patel will then perform a visual check of the mouth and use palpation (touch) to check for signs of oral cancer, decay, and disease. Probing tools will also be used to check the health of the gums by measuring the depth of the gum pockets and to look for areas of inflammation or gingivitis.

Dental Exams - Treatment Aftercare

If Dr. Patel finds any areas of concern during the dental examination, she will talk to the patient about possible preventive measures that may be performed at the office or at home. She will also let the patient know when they should schedule their next dental exam to check on their progress. If a problem is noted, Dr. Patel will recommend options for treatment which will be discussed in further detail, along with appointment recommendations.

Dental Exams - Insurance Coverage

Most in-network dental plans cover the periodic exam at 100%, but out of network patients will have a co-pay. The administrative team will consult with the patient’s insurance company prior to their visit to be certain. Patients paying out of pocket may discuss payment options during their consultation.

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Prevent and Protect

Be sure to schedule your  dental examination so you can keep your teeth, gums, and jaw healthy. With regular dental exams, Dr. Patel of Houston Heights Dentistry can notice subtle changes that can lead to faster, more conservative treatments when problems do arise. A few minutes in the dentist's chair for an exam, can save you hours of time, discomfort, and expense in extensive procedures and recovery time.  Please contact our office to learn more, or to book your dental examination. 

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