May 19th, 2020


We hope this message finds you healthy during these challenging times as we all cope with COVID-19. Thank you for your continued patience and support while our office has been closed for the safety of our patients and our team during this time.


We are extremely thankful that as of May 19, 2020 our office will be open for non-emergency procedures.  Please call 713-861-7216 with to schedule, so we can return to providing the care our beloved patients and community expect and deserve.


We ask that you bring your own face mask to your appointments.  If you do not have one, we will supply you with one.  Upon arriving at our parking lot, please call to notify us that you are here. Please remain in your car until we call you to inform you that we are ready for you to enter our office.  This will allow for unnecessary contact with other people. Additionally, there will be a limit to the number of people allowed in the waiting room.  Because of social distancing, anyone accompanying you may need to wait in the car. We will do our best to stagger appointments to limit the people in the office.


As you enter the office, you will be screened for symptoms, and your temperature will be taken. If your temperature and medical screening is acceptable, then we can follow through with your appointment. We will look a little different with face-shields, double masks, and gowns, but be assured, we are ready to deliver the same quality dentistry as before.


We are also engaging in some advanced infection control techniques in addition to the usual universal precautions we normally follow.  These implementations may seem burdensome to you, but we believe, that in time, we will become more efficient. 


With the extra precautions being implemented to make your dental visit as safe as possible, your visit may take longer than before the pandemic. In addition, there will be a $18 patient safety fee added to each appointment to offset the cost of the extra safety measures that we are taking.  This payment will be due when services are rendered. Please visit our website, to see our exciting new air filtering system that we are implementing as an additional layer of safety for our patients.

IMPORTANT: If you are exhibiting any signs of illness, have been exposed to anyone who either has COVID-19, or has been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, we request you cancel and reschedule your dental appointment to a later date. 

We are excited to see our "dental family" again!


Houston Heights Dentistry
2525 North Loop W #230



April 22, 2020

In the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic Houston Heights Dental is increasing our efforts to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment to our staff and patients. Houston Heights Dental will be utilizing industry-leading air filtration technology Surgically Clean Air. Benefits of Surgically Clean Air include: decreased pollutants, increased comfort, and reduces patient anxiety. The CDC and OSHA have highly recommended the use of Surgically Clean Air, but it is not required. We have adopted this technology as a commitment to go above and beyond to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne related viruses.